Why The World Still View White Women As The Most Beautiful

An essay on social media’s circus of misogynoir

It's Ericajean


Photo by Pixabay

Two years ago, I wrote a piece about a woman who said, “Black women cheapen beauty”. It was not meant to be a sensational piece, only something to explore why someone would say that. Now, after reading comments under Akaash’s stand-up titled, Why Minorities Love White Women, I must revisit this and further explain why white women are still considered the creme de la creme, and why Black women are still at the bottom of the totem pole of beauty no matter how beautiful we truly are.

In Akaash’s standup routine, he asks the audience,

Why do the most militant, anti— white Black men have white girlfriends? I just don’t understand it! My roommates were both pro-Black this and pro-Black that, but their girlfriends were never Black?

I think it was a legit question, and you can see the audience, especially the Black man in the front with his white girlfriend — were clearly rattled a bit but played it off well.

Then, here comes the comment section.

One person said, “Well, it’s not that deep to figure out: white women CLEARLY look better than any other woman. Hands down.”

Another commenter made it a point to say that Black men have the right to tell the truth about their women and it doesn’t mean they hate themselves, why can’t facts be facts?

What are the facts though?

Is it possible that through good marketing and uplifting whiteness, we ALL are at fault for why white women are the unstoppable beauties of the planet?

For centuries, Black men were denied access to white women. One thing I know about humans and the denial of something is that it causes severe temptations. If we think biblically, Adam and Eve went through this. Particularly, Eve. God forbade them from eating from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

What was it about this tree that is forbidden? Why must they not have it? it must mean something very important, or it is much too delicious to deny.

The mystery builds.