You Are Now ‘Home With Rue: Style For Everyone’

Review of a coffee table book for anyone willing to learn home decor

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This Summer I tried finding the perfect home decor book, not only made for the coffee table, but something with amazing photography to inspire. I highly recommend Kelli Lamb’s Home With Rue because not only do you get these amazing photos to gawk at, but each explanation also gives a reason why the decor works.

When you see an amazing design, it transports you somewhere. Your heart beats louder and you want to be there…in someone else’s story, but Home With Rue will show you how your home can tell your own story.

“What we choose to display in our homes is perhaps one of the truest reflections of who we are…” — Nate Burkus

Even though I can’t reveal all the beautiful secrets from this book, I don’t mind sharing a few nuggets with you.

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy

Entryways should be an appetizer

Entryways should be a brief showcase of your interests and a possible place to rest your keys, coats, etc.

Photo by Rama Aburass

Don’t be afraid to go against tradition!

The living rooms displayed in this amazing book, showed that what you grew up with as traditional home decor, doesn’t have to be YOUR decor.

Some rooms had coffee tables. Some had cushions in place of a table. Some had no table at all, just a comfortable bench facing the picturesque outdoors.

Photo by Curtis Adams

Light plays in the loo

I found that the most incredible pictures were taken using natural light. Even the darkest bathroom the walls gleamed under…



It's Ericajean

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