Why Are People Saying Wendy Williams’ Latest Diagnosis Is her Karma?

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I know you’ve heard the gossip by now: Wendy Williams is not only suffering from Graves disease. She also has recently been diagnosed with aphasia and dementia — which affects her speech and her ability to comprehend, which can be seen during her recent Lifetime Documentary ‘Where’s Wendy Williams’. Some people are focusing on the one part of her life she made a living off of: Gossiping.

They are saying her recent woes are a direct result of karma handing down judgement.

Is this true?

Is living a life of gossip, then having your ability to talk snatched away, an act of God?

This is a difficult question of moral proportions, but I want to look at it from the angle of career and showbiz for a minute.

Wendy is a powerful woman and a great example of someone who went up the ladder and burst through the “glass ceiling”. I remember her as a DJ, or shock jock from back in the day and never imagined that she would have her own show.

A long running show of 14 years.

We all watched her change(physically) and obtain a “successful glow” over the years. Many people loved her, but some hated her guts; what they cannot deny, is that whatever her gift (the gift of communication) — she used it to the best of her abilities. Many of us, particularly women, barely obtain happiness in our careers or falter when success knocks on our door — whatever that success may look like.

Wendy Williams proclaimed her future success when she was six years old. In the documentary, when the cameraman asks her,

“Have you always wanted wealth and fame?”

She blinks and says, “I didn’t care about wealth. I just wanted attention.”

I’ll be honest. I was never a fan of her show (although I caught a few great episodes), because I can’t stand gossip. Gossip has ruined my reputation in the past. Gossip destroys families. Gossip hurts others, even though it goes down to the choice parts of our gullet as Proverbs 18:8 states.



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