The Wail Of The Tik Tok Moms

These moms are baring their soul about the truth of motherhood

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The dung of my life —
smell of despair and anger
I am mom, dad, other

We are told that motherhood is tied to joy after the pain. We are told that it is only right for a female to become a mother. It is her biological and dare I say, spiritual duty to give birth. However, what is the cost of being a mother in today’s society?

Recently, I found a video on YouTube called, ‘Moms of Tik Tok Confess What They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood’. The first video is of a young woman holding a cute baby who appears to be maybe 1 or younger, but you can hear the screams of the other children in the background. With tears falling down her face she says she is married but even when her husband is home, he does nothing to help.

More videos are similar to this one. In fact, a young mother in a subsequent video says, “How can we pour out more from an empty cup? Yet mothers are expected to do it all the time?”

Another woman says when you become a mom, all of that “me” time and hobbies — basically what gave you an identity, disappears. Gone. Your entire life is dedicated to protecting these little ones now. She says this while eating a small, orange popsicle but with a no-nonsense air about her. I loved her take on motherhood.

Then there is another woman who firmly sheds light on the “just get married to have help” myth. She has a message to all you women who think marriage make a man help you: it doesn’t work. Just look at what the first Tik Toker has to go through. She has three children and a husband and zero help.

What’s happening here and am I looking at this all wrong?

I have never been a mother, but sadly with all of the examples around me I am glad to be child-free. Gone are the days where peer pressure to blow out a chunk of human flesh is the be all end all to a woman’s existence. Instead, I give birth to poetry, to kindness, to giving my time and resources to those who need it. That is what I give birth to.

Is the problem young motherhood?



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