Sure Signs Your Husband Loves You

Being perfectly imperfect occurs in any relationship and that’s ok

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Disclaimer: We are perfectly imperfect and that is okay. Sure, my husband and I have days where we can grate on each other’s nerves, but I am thankful we don’t have many days like that, and we recognize the power of love and forgiveness.

You couldn’t tear me away from romance novels when I was a teen. I’ve always been a “want to get married” type of gal and imagined dancing with my true prince charming who not only has raw maleness about him, but who is unafraid to love.

So, what are some ways your partner shows you they love you?

You don’t have to guess how he feels

From my own personal experience, having some mystery keeps the fires in the heart going, and that is always a good thing.

However, one thing women complain about, is that their men “don’t talk” to them. There is only a one-sided communication going and to me, that is unhealthy. If my husband is going through something, he may hold it in and be mysterious, but eventually after gentle prodding, or when he is ready, he does talk. This truly helps.

The downside is if a spouse talks, but talks at the wrong time. In other words, they may express how they feel in anger after holding on to those feelings for many months — that is very unhealthy.

Flowers/gifts are not just for the “I’m sorry” moments

Unfortunately, books, movies, and now the internet teaches that when a man hands flowers to his woman, he must have done something wrong. In some cases, these flowers are used as an apology.

My husband and I love poetry and plants. So him giving me flowers is a statement of “Just because”

Last night, while I was fixing us a nice, Greek salad, there was a knock at the door. I heard a woman’s voice when my husband opened the door — I peeked out through the breakfast nook —

“Thank you,” my husband said.

“You’re welcome,” said the woman. “Do you mind me asking what these are for?”

“Oh, these are for my wife…just because.”



It's Ericajean

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