Matt Rife’s Netflix Standup Tackles Crystal Women and Social Media

Was it worth watching? Here is my honest opinion.

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Let me start by saying, I never even heard of Matt Rife. Yet, after watching his standup on Netflix, I see that he is someone who has his finger on the pulse of society. He tackles everything from women who use crystals and believe in astrology, to his fear of darkness and much more.

Matthew Steven Rife, also known as Matt Rife is an American born comedian and actor who may be best known for his recurring role on Nick Cannon’s popular Wild N’ Out show.

Since the tender of age of 14, Matt’s teachers knew he would be a comedian and had him enter talent shows. Matt is also linked to the beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale, as they dated briefly.

Reaction #1 Uncomfortable, yet honest moments

From the jump, Rife tells about the time he and a buddy had a waitress with a huge black eye serve them in Baltimore.

He jokes that maybe she should be in the kitchen to not show her face to customers, but it could be that she can’t even cook, hence the black eye.

The audience was unsure of what reaction to have, but Rife assured them he was just “checking the temperature” of the audience to see if the rest of night — a whole hour of it, will go smoothly if they can take this kind of joke. Of course, he said he does not promote domestic violence. It was just a joke.

However, I do agree with him about a lot of the “crystal having” women and organic hippie style coming back into effect.

“It’s not because of astrology or Mercury’s retrograde why you don’t have a man — it’s your own decisions, your mind, and heart why you don’t have a relationship.”

I was chuckling but rolled my eyes too. Where is this guy going with this?

Rife’s cutthroat comedy may not be for everyone.

I see that now.

Reaction #2 I feel vindicated, and trolls must flee

Rife tackles trolls and social media.



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