Let Us Pray

From ‘Rumors of War Against Juicy Black Bodies’ book

It's Ericajean
2 min readFeb 25, 2023


Photo by Pixabay

For the Black bodies that





on alien land not theirs
the yokes and fetters
squeezing like
a jealous lover
biting on the skin
this place is 1619
times more bitter
Than the last.

Let us pray
to the one
with no face
and a thousand histories
to the one whose heart
is so broken
he forgot us

a black hand
swapped with palm
iron wielders
who can pierce our
Golden Black Melanin
they are angry with us,
even the ones with
Black bodies have
cracked bodies
Breaking apart…

Let us pray,
because they hand us over
swapping palms
pushing us
onto ships
and into



It's Ericajean

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