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Thank you to all commenters who provided insights and who followed

It's Ericajean


The journey from 2021 to now has been absolute fun. I have went from ten cents per month starting out, to my first $50 pay out for my article, “Dejavu Is a Gate” — a reflection on 9/11. It was a true blogging experience that paid off. Even if I were not paid, I would not have stopped writing. It is the fuel that keeps me truly going.

Through each published story, I’ve gained friends, insights, collaborated, and more. Being on this platform increases our wisdom. It is shared wisdom that keeps the platform thriving, I believe. As their tagline says, “It is the home of human stories”

This is why AI generated stories will not EVER fly here. I joined initially because I wanted a true blogging experience that will reap some kind of financial gain, but overtime I see this platform as much more. I am learning more — and what I love the most…is knowledge.

Although writing on Medium has been absolutely transformative for me, it has its up and downs. I’ve been told by certain groups of commenters that I “don’t truly love their culture and to get rid of it”. I’ve had a nice comment reported by a person who spazzed out. I’ve been gaslit. I’ve seen my payments skyrocket and I’ve seen them do a slam dunk to the ground.

On the flipside of the coin, I’ve met wonderful friends: heroes and sheroes. Thinkers. Gamers. Anime and manga lovers. Travelers. Storytellers. Musicians. Poets. Teachers. The list goes on. I appreciate each and every one of you for your comments and to those who are subscribed to me and follow.

I’d like to conclude by letting you all know I am on Substack. There will be exclusive content on there — FREE content as well as paid. Please consider reading my words on there as well.

Last but not least, to my commenters and followers, I can’t list all of you here — just know you are definitely the moon in my sky on the darkest of nights.

Much love and appreciation to you.

Thank you for reading!

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It's Ericajean

Essayist and poet| Author of Rumors of Ouroboros and Sea of Iron Hands.