It’s All Accounted For

A poem that (may be) about accounting

It's Ericajean
May 27, 2024
Photo by Sweetlouise/Image redesigned by author

“Count what you have now,
don’t count what you don’t
have,” she says.

“A loss is a loss” she says.
I peek at my profits and revenue —
a balance sheet that is unbalanced
petty cash that’s…


“You owe too much. Stop shaking hands that
place you in
debt,” she scowls and clicks away.

Today, a woman dressed in all black told me to
“be safe.”

Usually — people walk by and say “Hello” or “Excuse me”

She said, “Be safe”

My heart drummed in awakening and awe when this stranger said ,
“Be safe”.

Two words: one — a state of humanity. Another to preserve humanity.

We are reduced to stats, tax, and revenue
splurging, spending, taxing me and my
ever loving nerve.
But I will be safe
high vibrational

living in balance

living on less



It's Ericajean

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