Home Economics Is Groundbreaking For Youth

So why have schools done away with the class?

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I remember the smells of warm cinnamon and butter and the vanilla sunlight pouring through our small home economics(home ec) class. It was only a few of us in that class in the 90s, and I never would have thought to take it, but somehow, I was placed in this course involving cooking, sewing and other “home” stuff.

After a while, I purposely chose tech and other computer classes. However, I am learning that these days home ec is extinct. I think this is a great disservice to the youth, but I also think I know why it has been wiped nearly clean out of the schools.

STEM crushed home ec

According to a Fox Business article, “STEM classes are in high demand to prepare students for the current work environment.”

As soon as I entered high school, there was a demand for us to attend “magnet schools”. In a magnet school, your skills were to be specific for the career chosen. For instance, I started out in Technology magnet, but for my final year of high school, I switched back to traditional because I knew I would rather focus on psychology and literature courses more.

Overall, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses seem better suited for the market. Home economic courses took a further seat back over the years.

Gone were the days of learning sewing and spreading cinnamon on rolls in class.

This article is in part inspired by a conversation I had on Swell. You should hear it!

Renaming the class hid its “home-ness”

While in high school, I noticed we had classes named “Family science” or some students took a food science class.

I think it is “home ec” in disguise.

You are learning about taking care of home, possibly budgeting, and of course how to best prepare food.



It's Ericajean

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