Here’s An Old School Way to Cleanse Your Colon

My humble prune juice poop story you don’t want but need

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When I was little, I remember not only taking those colorful, bad tasting rocks called Flintstones vitamins, but my mother would also have me and my sister take those silly, sickening laxative tablets (that were made for kids) and I remember dreading them because I knew it would make me have an…unhappy experience on the toilet, if you get my drift.

Later on, as I got just a bit older, my mother introduced us to Prune Juice. A brown drink made of hydrated prunes and water. I remember that the difference was that this particular drink brought me to the toilet faster. From there, I associated prunes and prune juice with interesting throne room visits, and I avoided it for many years afterwards.

At the end of the day, I am actually thankful for my mom caring about my gut health.

Why am I telling you all this?

As we get older, our bodies need a bit of help in cleansing itself.

Some people try rich diets, exercise, and may even sleep well. But what many do not realize, is if you are not cleaning your gut — you will not see optimal results. Our gut health is the backbone of our immune system. It is also the “seat” of our weight gain issues and toxins.

Basically, you are full of poop.

The hunt for prune-y facts

I asked an older friend of mine early last year how she stays so svelte at the age of fifty something. She told me over the phone: “Erica. My gut health. I don’t do anything super special. I walk of course, but I eat Kimchi, yogurt, and keep my gut clean. That’s about it.”

I was seeing results from working out with my husband and changed my diet a little, but I realized that whenever I felt “full/constipated”, I felt sick. Like literally, very ill.

When we sadly lost actor Chadwick Boseman in 2020, we learned he was ill with stage III colorectal cancer (which can sometimes be confused with colon cancer). I’m not saying Prune Juice is the save all be all but cleaning out the colon is a great start to great health.



It's Ericajean

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