From Reversible Cures To Folks Getting Fired Over the Truth

Learning about Type 2 Diabetes is becoming an interesting ride thanks to the internet

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A page from my Type 2 Diabetic diary… The below information is based on personal data and observation. If you have found info contrary to what you find here, please be kind to educate in the comment section while being respectful. Thank you!

When a person finds out they have a chronic illness, they suddenly become experts of that illness. What no one tells us is that it is like a maze you can’t come out of when you factor in doctor visits and social media. You find the darkest stuff on the web, but also the brightest hope.

Here are some things I did not know about diabetes (particularly Type 2)

There are TWO types of diabetes

I knew what diabetes was growing up. I knew it involved sugars and “older people” (it actually affects any age), but I did not know there were two types until I did a Swellcast a few months back offering possible solutions to Type 2 Diabetes, when a commenter mentioned diet and exercise may repair damage done to Type 2 but will not cure her because she is Type 1.

Type 2 Diabetes is caused by your lifestyle

As much as I did not want to hear this(and I am not one for shaming and deflecting), type 2 is largely caused by lifestyle factors, which is why unfortunately, it receives a bad rep versus an autoimmune disease like Type 1 Diabetes. Not exercising much and eating processed foods all the time is a great way to develop Type 2 Diabetes. Certainly genetic markers play a role too, but it is mostly based on lifestyle.

There is NO cure for either diabetes type, but Type 2 can be reversed

I’ve scoured the videos, the articles, books, and even had conversations with others, and the general conclusion is frustrating to say the least. Even when I type into Google, “possible cure for diabetes”, it spits out the same ol’ spiel that there is no cure but Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed.



It's Ericajean

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