‘Castlevania’ Is An Inclusive, Sexy Kind of Horror Anime

I was unprepared for this show in many ways

It's Ericajean


‘Castlevania’ a Netflix anime

I promise you. I did not know what I was getting into before I selected this anime, but I am hooked, and now that I’ve finished the first version of Castlevania, I can reflect on the horror and the beauty of such a film.

The Church is always the bad guys

I knew that once the time period was revealed to be the 1400s, we’d be dealing with the Pope and Catholicism. During this time, the women were being burned at stakes for being so called witches.

Dracula, or Vlad Tepes, falls for a beautiful human woman named Lisa. Lisa is a woman of science and medicine, and her goal was to help people. Unfortunately, the church viewed her methods of healing as evil, and we can pretty much guess what happens to her.

I think the church will always be the bad guy because in reality, they were typically the ones who burned women at the stake. They murdered in the name of their God and let us not forget those men in white sheets who burn crosses upside down in people’s yards.

They are “Christian” too.

SPOILER! Dracula’s Son and his brief blissful menage trois

I never saw this moment coming, so please if you haven’t seen the anime, skip this part.

There is a scene where the two brown skinned, attractive tribal looking clan(brother and sister?), approaches Alucard(Dracula’s son), while he is in bed.

He asks them, “What’s wrong?” and they say, “Nothing is wrong…we are here to give you your reward,” as they climb onto the bed with him.

When I say I was unprepared for the sensuality and shock. I was very surprised! They both approach him, and for the first time since I’ve watched any anime in my life, I see two men deep kiss each other, before Alucard turns and kisses the beautiful sister.

They were both pleasuring Alucard…

What happened next was also shocking, but I’ll leave that part alone.

I’d like to add, that no matter my stance on bisexuality or homosexuality, etc., the scene with Alucard…



It's Ericajean

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